Day 12 – Beans on Toast. Nutritious and Cheap!

Facebook Free, Day 12:

I’ve decided that the best solution to shelling out a fortune to fix my car (car park – dual responsibility – £850 excess … I won’t say anymore on the matter.), thinking about new living arrangements and beginning to pay off student overdrafts and loans, is to go to Paris. Because that’s not expensive at all…

After receiving a text – “Paris May 9” my initial reaction was, “No, absolutely not, must be grown up about this …” Within less than five minutes – I’m being serious – the flights were booked.

Not exactly contributing towards the Ibiza funds, I’ll admit, but hopefully by then I’ll have won at Bingo. If not, how bad can living off beans on toast actually be? And I’ve heard that beans are nutritious anyway.It’s a deserved city break with the girls. The last seven months have been all work and absolutely no play (this is me justifying reasons to myself, more than explaining my actions for doing so…if you haven’t already noticed) so when asked if I’d like to visit one of the world’s most famous fashion capitals, you can’t blame a girl for saying yes!

Gem and Bex have signed up to receive updates from the best nights out in Paris … on Facebook. I feel sooooooo out of the loop!

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