Day 11 – Facebook Whispers

Facebook Free, Day 11:

Life’s a bit chaotic at the moment, what with car accidents, uni assignments and gruelling interviews being sprung on me just before bedtime. Subsequently a social life isn’t high on the agenda – especially one involving alcohol (losing a day to a hangover just isn’t an option right now! #NotYourTypicalStudent – I’m really getting used to this Twitter talk! – follow me @CocoKate).


What’s not so safe is that by the time I’d arrived at Hayley’s someone had been shot in the village! Pyjamas or no pyjamas the death of a man is enough to keep me out of the wine bar. So, in a bid to test whether I still have any social skills without any danger of being persuaded to slip off to the wine bar, I had a girly night in at Hayley’s, in my pyjamas. Safe as houses.


After that the Chinese whispers set off, as they do, on Facebook. Obviously, I couldn’t see what was happening although I couldn’t avoid hearing what was going on. After eliminating the stories that we didn’t believe to be true (we decided that Mabel, who’d lost at Bingo, wasn’t responsible) a reliable source – BBC News – reported that a man had been shot dead by police following an attempted armed robbery.


At 7:20pm on a Saturday evening, I can’t possibly imagine what’s worth committing armed robbery for in Culcheth and without Facebook I’m sure I won’t find out very soon either. I’ll just have to wait for the BBC to update their website – like in the olden days!


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