Day 10 – Don’t Know What’s Worse, Smashing The Pepper Pot or Cleaning Up The Pepper *Sneezes*

Facebook Free, Day 10:

Today marks the tragic loss of Mr Pepper, after he threw himself out of the cupboard. He’s the latest victim in a series of my unfortunate accidents.


It’s not the first time that a Salt and Pepper shaker has suffered fatally from my actions. It’s the fourth shaker that I’ve smashed. It’s not intentional; I have nothing against salt and pepper shakers, although you’d be forgiven for thinking differently.


This shaker was particularly sad because it was part of a set. When put together they hugged one and other – quite sweet. Or they did. Now every time I open the cupboard I’m greeted by Mrs Salt reaching her arms out for the husband who’ll never return. It’s really sad.


They were a gift (who buys salt and pepper shakers as a gift?) so I’ve no idea where they came from, if anyone knows where I can find another Mr Pepper – like a for condiments – please let me know.


My salt and pepper shakers have been the target of many jokes since I got them three weeks ago, a few friends would have found the separation quite amusing. Would have been worth a Facebook status but not a text – sharing useful information is much more restricted without Facebook!


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