Crackberry Blackberry Secrets

The web is an invaluable source for the latest mobile information and we picked up some gossip from

Wireless Device Company and developer of Blackberry handsets RIM (Research in Motion) are at risk of being bought out by Microsoft. These rumours turn up now and again but will this actually happen this time?

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Microsoft with RIM’s share prices at an all time low (along with everything else) so this would make the company even better and even stronger.

Four months ago RIM shares were worth about $148 and now they are trading at around a mere $62 today. Would Microsoft have a good position to buy the shares at $50 a share?

This may affect the sales of blackberry, would you still buy a Blackberry handset if it was run on Windows mobile….?

In this depths of the credit crunch this may be a gift for RIM !

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