Could the Galaxy S3 be Samsungs First Quad-Core Smartphone?

Since the popular Galaxy S and follow up Galaxy SII it is only natural that we are all eagerly waiting what Samsung will deliver in the form of the Galaxy S3. With the Samsung Exynos 4412 being announced as there latest quad-core processor it could be a pretty safe bet that Samsung will put this beasty chip in the S3.


The Samsung Galaxy SII

Rumours have been very sketchy as to what specs we can expect on this handset and as yet there has been no official word from Samsung that an S3 will be released. However as these handsets have proved the smartphone of choice for many users it would make sense for Samsung to deliver what these fans are looking for.


It would seem that 2012 is going to be the year of quad-core devices with the HTC Quattro and Asus Transformer fulfilling the tablet market and the HTC Edge being pipped as the first phone to feature the NVidia T3 quad-core processor. Now with this new super-charged processor from Samsung could they be the ones first past the post with a quad-core phone? What features would you like to see on these new super phones?

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