Could Samsung now release the Note 5 in Europe?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been the subject of much consternation among Samsung fans following the controversial announcement that it will not be released in the European market. The reaction to the announcement prompted much bemoaning with fans of the Note series and after seeing this could Samsung now release the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe?


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Europe Release


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Samsung made the unpopular decision to ditch the Note 5 for European users following an apparent market research exercise that found users within the EU didn’t use the S Pen on the Note series. The research showed that EU users favoured the large screen for interaction rather than taking out the S Pen for making notes.


Now as a Note user myself I have to say I don’t use the S Pen that much, but I do use it, and if it wasn’t there well my phone would just be like any other right?


The S Pen was one of the major selling points that Samsung focused on when promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note series to users and to remove this choice from European markets has been met with a lot of disgruntled smartphone users with a petition being set up to show the South Korean manufacturer how much the phone is wanted on our shores.


Samsung European Turnaround on the Galaxy Note 5


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It looks like there could be some hope for any of you waiting for the Galaxy Note 5 as someone has done a little digging and found what could be a Samsung device heading to Europe this month. has stated that that there is a mystery Samsung device listed on a technology certification site and the phone is pegged to be announced very shortly. They go on to state that this device is the much awaited S Pen toting Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


When the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was confirmed it was taken for granted that we would see it here in the UK and the rest of Europe, we have had all previous incarnations of the Note so why would the latest one be any different? The main theory was that we would get it but just much later than the other markets, perhaps in early 2016 while this latest revelation means it could be here much much sooner.


Some believe that the whole thing has been an elaborate marketing strategy by Samsung to give the phone a boost among users. It certainly got everyone talking about the device and when(if?) it does finally hit European stores we can expect Note fans to snap it up quickly lest Samsung change their mind and take it away from us.


If you are one of those waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release then lets hope this latest rumour is true and we see the phone this autumn, rather than next year or possibly not at all.


Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it is released? Do you use your S Pen on your existing Note? Do you think Samsung orchestrated the whole thing as a marketing strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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