Contactless Payments Now on Your Mobile

Barclaycard has been supporting the emerging technology of NFC (Near Field Communications) for contactless payments with its credit cards for a while but now they have teamed up with Orange to offer the service on your mobile phone.

Quick Tap allows you to pay for small purchases (up to £15) by tapping your mobile phone on the reader in store. There are a number retailers looking to roll out the technology including McDonalds, Subway and Eat so no more digging around for change to pay for your lunch.

The first handset to be rolled out with NFC is the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap; this handset is very similar to the Tocco Lite but features the Quick Tap Wallet. You can simply top up your account using your Orange Credit card and Barclaycard debit or credit card and use the account to pay for goods.

The Barclaycard payment application allows you to check your balance and see your transactions, whilst you can also check exactly where you can use Quick Tap to pay.

The Samsung Tocco Quick Tap is available now and we have compared all the best deals so you can find the right package for you.

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