Christmas crackers: The best phones to blow your Christmas cash on

Christmas has finally come and if your Christmas stocking didn’t ring with the sound of a mobile phone, then maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands.


Join us on Christmas Day as we poo-poo Father Christmas for missing you off his Christmas list and take a light-hearted look at the best phones to blow your Christmas cash on.


Cheap phones


If your friends and relatives are tighter than Ebenezer Scrooge after a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, then you probably don’t have much Christmas cash to play around with. Fear not, here are three cheap Christmas phones:


Microsoft Lumia 550
£99.99 SIM free | From £3.50pm on contract


Well Jingle my Bells, a Windows 10 smartphone that costs less than a Cockney Ton. Say ‘Hey Cortana’ and you have a personal assistant ready to do your bidding. Set location based or time triggered reminders, get answers to questions or search the internet.


Microsoft Lumia 550 camera


Snap away at the festivities using the 5MP camera or capture a selfie on the secondary 2MP camera. Use GPS on foot or in a vehicle to visit relatives or friends, but let’s face it, after such miserly Christmas cash maybe you should just give them a call using the Skype app.


Sony Xperia C4
£159.99 SIM free| From £7.50pm on contract


If you have a nose that is as red as Rudolph’s, then you are certainly going to need the PROselfie beautifying features found on the Sony Xperia C4. The 5MP selfie camera has an LED flash so that you can snap away into the wee-hours and the wide-angle lens captures more of the background or a group of friends.


Sony Xperia C4 selfie phone


The 13MP main camera takes great Christmas photos and the 5.5-inch screen shows them off in Full HD. Streaming and game play is no problem with an octa-core processor under the hood and Sony sound enhancements complete the immersive experience.


Motorola Moto G 2015
£159.99 SIM free | From £7.50pm on contract


As the Christmas party gets underway, accidents will happen. They won’t bother the Moto G though with advanced water resistance and a durable Corning Gorilla Glass display. The Moto G will also still be able to Shazam that tune thanks to an all-day battery (based on a mixed-use scenario).


Motorola Moto G 2015


The 5-inch display can be used as a viewfinder for the 13MP camera, which makes use of a colour-balancing dual LED flash to capture natural looking colours in low light. A quick double twist of the wrist opens the camera app and repeated gestures switch between the main and selfie cameras.


Mid-range phones


If the Ghost of Christmas Present has visited your Scrooge-like relatives and friends, then maybe you have a little more Christmas Day cash to play around with:


£189.99 SIM free| From £9.50pm on contract


The Christmas party isn’t over until you say so and the LG G4C puts you in control of that, with a 1-watt speaker to blast out your favourite tunes. If you tickle the backside with a finger, then you will find the Rear Key, which gives access to shortcuts and controls the volume.




The 5-inch display can be used to show off your Christmas photos taken on the 8MP camera. The 5MP selfie camera makes capturing the perfect portrait easy with a clenching gesture of the fist starting the countdown timer of the shutter.


Huawei P8lite
From £11.50 per month


The Huawei P8lite is available on a contract and gives a feeling of quality through a design that is perfectly balanced for sitting in your palm. At just 7.7mm thick, this phone is perfectly sized to fit into the pockets of your Christmas outfit or new bag.


Huawei P8lite


The 13MP camera can shoot HD video, while the 5MP selfie camera can recognise its owner and automatically apply pre-chosen beauty enhancements, making sure that you always look better than your friends. The audio exceeds the limit of other smartphones, with an enlarged integrated sound chamber and frequency enhancement technology.


Premium phones


If the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has visited your friends and relatives, then A Christmas Carol has reached its conclusion and you will have wads of cash to spend on Christmas Day:


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
£477.34 SIM free | From £28pm on contract


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will certainly give you a Christmas to remember with a 5.7-inch display that curves over onto the edges, for extra functionality. Favourite contacts, like those who gave you loads of Christmas cash, can be assigned a colour and these are added to the Edge display for quick contact. The Edge display also lights up in the corresponding colour, for easy recognition, of incoming calls and notifications.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


One of the fastest smartphone processors powers the experience that includes using Samsung apps, like S Health. The 16MP camera can also shoot 4K video and your Christmas antics can be streamed in real-time, for sharing using YouTube Live. One of the most fun camera features is Virtual Shot and here you can shoot a person or object through 360 degrees, to create one interactive result, where you can pan around the photo.


Apple iPhone 6s Plus
£539.99 PAYG | From £32pm on contract


If you weren’t happy with the traditional orange in your Christmas stocking, then maybe it’s time to try an apple instead. It is also worth getting the biggest apple you can, like the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, which has a larger 5.5-inch display and a bigger battery, compared to the iPhone 6s.


Apple iPhone 6s


This Apple phone has a premium aluminium body, 12MP/5MP cameras and, for the first time, Dynamic Wallpapers. 3D Touch is also featured and here a soft press on the screen previews content while a hard press pops it open.


Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
£579.99 PAYG | £29pm on contract


The final phone that might have been on your Christmas wish list is the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. This is the first smartphone to feature a 4K display, which has four times the resolution of Full HD, and delivers 806 pixels per inch.


Sony Xperia Z5 Premium


4K videos can be shot using the 23MP camera and this is the only smartphone that can play the results back at a 4K resolution. Other handy features include a 2-day battery, fingerprint sensor and Hi-Res audio.


So have you decided which of these Christmas crackers to blow your Christmas cash on?


Written by: Michael Brown

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