Caterpillar CAT S41 review – super tough and super smart

Tough phones have come a long way if you wanted a phone that could stand up to harsh environments you had to compromise on features in the past. Thankfully these tough phones have moved on and in my Caterpillar CAT S41 review, I take a look at this super tough smartphone.



Caterpillar CAT S41 Design


Being tough is what this phone is all about and the design reflects that with military grade tough and IP68 standards on the chassis. This means that the phone is waterproof up to two metres and can be immersed for up to an hour. The phone has been tested for drops, it can bounce back from a drop onto concrete from 1.8 metres. The hard rubber body is dust resistant, can withstand thermal shock and salt mist spray.



The screen also boasts some pretty tough features, it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 making it scratch resistant and shatter resistant. All this extra protection does add a little to the bulk of the phone, it weighs in at 218g and measures 12.85mm thick.


Caterpillar CAT S41 Features


The CAT S41 is designed to be tough, but that is not all it’s about as you get great smartphone power too. The Caterpillar CAT S41 has 3GB RAM and a 2.3GHz octa-core processor. This means you get a responsive phone that can handle multiple or demanding apps easily.



The phone has Android Nougat on board so you get Google Assistant, Chrome and Maps as well as access to the Play Store for an endless choice of new apps to download. The phone has a 32GB memory and there is a microSD card for adding another 128GB if you need it.


There is a programmable key which can be used a couple of ways, a short press or long press. You can choose what happens when you press this key, you can assign the short press to the torch and long press to launch the browser.



The Caterpillar CAT S41 has a mammoth 5,000mAh battery and not only does this provide excellent battery life, you can use it to charge another phone or rechargeable accessory. The phone comes with a Battery share cable so you can connect up another phone or device to charge it from the phone battery. You can select how much battery power you want to share so you could select 50% and the phone will stop charging the other device when it reaches this limit.

Caterpillar CAT S41 camera



The camera on the back of the CAT S41 is a 13-megapixel sensor with Phase Detection Autofocus and plenty of different shooting modes to suit your subject. One of the best things about the toughness of this phone is that you can use it underwater for taking photos, lots of fun and unusual shots to be had.



The 8-megapixel front camera delivers detailed and clear photos and you can use the PIP (Picture in Picture) to take a snap with both cameras at the same time.




The Caterpillar CAT S41 is not going to appeal to everyone if you love the outdoors and adventure this phone is perfect for you. Anyone that works in a tough environment and needs a phone that can take just about anything won’t be disappointed with the CAT S41. The underwater photography is a big draw for anyone that wants to take unusual photos with a mobile phone.

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