Calorie counting apps: Part 3

Continuing in my week’s look at free calorie counting apps, today we take a look at Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by


You can read the previous reviews for Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by SparkPeople or Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal here.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by


You can download this free app on the following links:


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker for Android
Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker for BlackBerry or Amazon
Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker for iOS


After downloading this calorie counting app you will need to create an account and enter your details such as weight, height and general activity level which will then allow the app to create a calorie level for the day.


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by CalorieCount


The home screen shows a combination of information such as calories consumed, calories burned through exercise and the calories remaining for the rest of the day.


The home screen always shows the basic information but below this you can choose what additional information you would like to see. This could be a detailed analysis of the day, your social/calorie camp news feed or food log.


Calorie counting


Entering foods consumer is pretty easy and as you type suggestions appear below and these allow you to select an item, often after only typing a few characters. The servings size can be altered by tapping a – or + button on either side of the number and this for me was welcomed and easier than retyping the value.


Add custom food


Each food is accompanied by a grading of A through to F and this can be seen as an educational bonus, helping you to learn which foods are healthy or not. You can also add a photo, new title and notes to each item logged.




The activity log is equally as easy to use with activity suggestions appearing as you type. After selecting an activity a scroll-able dial appears making it really easy to enter the minutes or hours for the activity being logged.


Should you not find the activity you are looking for then you can create a custom exercise item with a title, duration and calories burned and I think this will be very useful to a lot of users.


Exercise and weight


Earlier in the week we discussed adding separate exercises and in the case of the app lifting weights would be found under weight lifting as apposed to being able to record individual exercises.




Motivation is offered on the analysis page with a breakdown of what you have consumed along with red or green warnings under the nutritional information and an overall grading letter for the whole day.




There is a social element included as well and you can submit reports to be shown with other members in the calorie camp feed.




The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by is really easy to use and the interface is colourful and attractive to look at. Its ease of use is helped along with the option to choose meals instead of just individual items and the custom tab allows you to create your own food items or meals if you choose.


Check back to on Monday for my final verdict and winner announcement for the best calorie counter and diet tracker app.


Written by: Michael Brown

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