Calling all fashionistas!

Dior and ArmaniWith the amount of mobile phones aimed at technology and gadget fanatics being released recently, we at Mobilesplease believe it is time to focus on the more fashion conscious consumers who need their look to be fantastically stylish from head to toe, including their mobile phone. Here are some gorgeous new mobiles for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

With Samsung and Giorgio Armani joining forces again, they have produced a beautiful phone to be the ‘perfect companion for Armani’s suits’. The Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani phone is definitely going to make a statement with a bold golden exterior it will fit in perfectly with your oversized bag and statement Jimmy Choos. This phone isn’t just about the aesthetics, it’s got a great spec for business users and is sure to be the best accessory you’ll ever have!

If you are after a phone with a bit more class, Christian Dior have recently announced a collection of incredibly chic phones…with incredibly un-cheap price tags! The phones named after the high end designer certainly deliver in the style stakes making them a must for every sophisticated woman with style. Nearly £4,000 will get you a Dior phone with a black PVD coating, gold plating and sapphire crystals or if you want to go even more up-market the diamond encrusted Zelie and Zenaide will set you back up to £8,000! These handset really are beautiful and are a must for those at the top of the fashion world, even if on the inside they are simple mobile phones with no fancy features.

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