Calling all BlackBerry fans!

With the release of the future iPhone 4.0 operating system still fresh in our minds it looks as though BlackBerry are set to hot up the ‘operating system battle’ with a sneaky peek at the BlackBerry OS 6.0. There’s no release date yet and we don’t know which devices will be compatible but by the looks of things it looks like BlackBerry will have a very bright future with the next generation of the BlackBerry OS.

So what’s on offer? The first screen shots show a much better looking and more user friendly interface running through the homescreen, music player and web browser. The homescreen provides six pages for users to add application shortcuts too, which can be switched with a finger sweep very similar to that of an iPhone. Another new addition to the BlackBerry OS is a pop-up feature. Users can tap and hold an application to get a pop-up with all the applications options, For example users can tap and hold the message icon and a pop up will appear with a choice of SMS, email, BlackBerry mail etc.

BlackBerry has now caught on to the intuitive pinch and zoom action and included it in the OS 6.0 which will make for a much more user friendly user experience. This can be seen on the new WebKit-based web browser which features new favourites, tab switching and stylish graphics.

Other areas that have been given a make-over include the messaging menu and gallery which features the lovely pinch and zoom feature and some great looking thumbnails. The media player has also had a revamp with CoverFlow style album art and much improved graphics.

It looks as though BlackBerry are appealing to their growing market of ‘non-business’ users with a much more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly interface.

Hopefully there will be some more information at the end of April from the BlackBerry WES 2010. If you can’t wait til then to get your hands on a super cool BlackBerry then you can compare BlackBerry deals now.

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