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Speculation of a budget iPhone has been flying around on various websites and industry sources for a while now and whilst Apple may not be known for budget smartphones the rumours continue to flourish.

Budget iPhone



One of the main things that will be different about the budget iPhone from Apple is expected to be the casing itself which will be made from plastic rather than the premium materials seen on the likes of the iPhone 5.


So far images have shown us a mish mash of devices into one design, like the iPhone 5‘s button arrangement and 4-inch display (with a lower resolution) and what looks to be a side view that is more like the iPod Touch.


The latest round of images point to a budget iPhone 5C in a number of bright colours, which is a big move from the simple black and white versions that have been released for previous models.


budget iphone red

Image credit: Slashgear


The budget iPhone is expected to be released in red, yellow, green, and blue and white (as per image above from SonnyDickson.com) so this cheaper model looks to offer more colour options than any other iPhone model.


So far very little is known about the hardware on board as all leaked images simply show the outer casing of the phone with all of the internal circuitry missing, although with so many images leaked it shouldn’t be too long before we get a few hints at specifications too.


So can Apple really pull off a budget iPhone? Will this simply water down their image as a premium tech manufacturer? Would you buy a cheap iPhone? Do you think Apple should be moving into the budget market? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter or login below to comment.


Written by: Carmel Brown


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