It’s Official: Britons use their Phone to Text rather than Talk

Mobile phones with a QWERTY keyboardNew figures released in Ofcom’s Communications Market report has revealed that British mobile phone users now send an average of 50 texts per week, while time spent talking on our phones has dropped.


With over 150 billion text messages sent in 2011 and more time being spent sending emails from our phones, text communication has begun to dominate. This is backed up by the report which notes “a 10% fall in the volume of calls from landlines, and for the first time ever, a fall in the volume of mobile calls (by just over 1%) in 2011.”


The report goes on to say that 40% of UK adults now own a smartphone and describe it as their most important device for connecting to the internet.┬áThis confirms the shift in use of a mobile phone towards something more of a micro-tablet. This backs up a recent blog post on cnet by Chris Matyszczyk who suggests that smartphones shouldn’t be called phones and whether the iPhone 5 would even be called an iPhone.


So are we moving away from the mobile phone era and the idea that the phone is a central, or even core part of the handset?


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