Day 9 – I’m Not Clumsy, I’m Accident-Prone!

Facebook Free, Day 9:

You can tell that we’re heat deprived. The sun popped out and the mercury crept up less than a degree or so and we’re sat in a beer garden faster than you can say “fruit cider”. It doesn’t matter how much work we’ve got to do, a glimpse of the sun and we’ve all got time for a quick drink. Or two. OK Three.


I’ve been accident free for three days (after almost setting the kitchen on fire, on Saturday, I’ve been trying extra hard). I was feeling quite proud of myself until I walked into the lounge and tripped over the curtain, spilling half a mug of hot chocolate all over the cream carpet. Cleaning it up with a blue cloth only made matters worse when the dye from the cloth rubbed off onto the carpet.


If you learn from your mistakes, I’ll be on the Egg Head panel before the end of the week!


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