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A few years back Blackberries were seen as business mens phones, a easy way to keep connected to your email and contacts when out of the office!

Not anymore, they are the latest fashion accessory…seen frequently in teen programmes such as Gossip Girl & the Hills they are taking over in the mobile phone fashion stakes. These smartphones are not just pretty they are very clever and powerful devices, have a look below to see which blackberry is for you!

Blackberry 8120 Indigo

A lightweight pocket friendly device with fun features such as Facebook applications, 2 mega pixel camera and media manager. It is very simple to navigate with full QWERTY keyboard and trackball, which takes a bit of getting used! Available in Indigo and gorgeous pink this phone has recently been a hit with Lauren Conrad from the Hills.

Blackberry 8900 Curve

The latest smartphone from RIM is bigger and curvier…hence the name. With a stylish look it combines the smartphone features we know and love with a 3.2 mega pixel camera, Blackberry maps and Wi-fi so you can surf the web wherever your heart desires. All the features are displayed on a 2.44 inch 480×360 pixel display which means for clearer images, especially when viewing the maps.

Blackberry 9000 Bold

The 9000 Bold certainly does make a Bold impression combing corporate features with fun applications such as media sync which allows you to transfer music directly from your itunes to your handset. It is a very quick phone with HSDPA support and a 624MHz processor which speeds things like browsing the web and multitasking up! Again the handset comes complete with Blackberries statement QWERTY keyboard and trackball navigation.

With a Blackberry to suit every style we agree that this smartphone has gone from being a business phone to one of the must have fashion accessories. Buy now at Mobiles Please.

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