Blackberry UK’s Most Popular Mobile, Apparently

Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion has released figures that it claims show that it is the most popular handset brand in the UK.

The figures from GFK suggest that more Blackberry’s were bought in the UK in December 2010 than any other make, giving them 36% of the UK smartphone market.

The interesting thing to note about the press release is that they don’t quote figures for iOS or Android. Had they been miles behind you would expect RIM to release them, so we can only conclude that Rim’s lead is slim.

Our figures from the same period paint a slightly different picture:

BlackBerry 30.00%
IOS 10.82%
Android 47.84%
WIN7 2.58%
Symbian 3 8.76%

The key difference is that our figures are solely for online sales through our network of afilliates, so our figures are skewed towards people who are comfortable buying online and are tech savvy enough to know exactly what they want.

But the difference is small, Blackberry certainly seem to be holding their own in the face of the explosive growth of android and the insane lust people seem to have for iPhones.

Windows Phone 7 doesn’t seem to have gained much traction yet but it’s early days. ┬áThe surprise is Symbian 3, particularly since the number of Symbian 3 handsets is so small.

So how has RIM pulled this off? Although the latest batch of Blackberry handsets are very good, they’re not exactly innovative, sticking to the tried and tested bar form factor – Torch aside – and qwerty keyboard.

Perhaps that’s it, familiarity, a whole generation of business people had their first taste of mobile email on a Blackberry and perhaps they see no point in changing now.

Another question worth asking about these figures is will they influence people’s choice of phone? I suspect very strongly that the answer is no.

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