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The BlackBerry Passport is set to be BlackBerry’s way back into the smartphone market and this latest flagship has raised a few eyebrows but will it sell?


The BlackBerry Passport will be officially going on sale today and the unique look will certainly make it stand out against other smartphones on the market but can it bring BlackBerry back in with the big boys of the UK smartphone world?


BlackBerry Passport Specifications.

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The first thing that will make you take notice of the BlackBerry Passport is the look of the phone, with its unique square display it certainly looks different to what the other top manufacturers are offering. The idea behind the square screen is to make certain apps more usable on the smartphone such as browsing your calendar or updating spreadsheets so this will appeal to people who use their phone for work tasks.


BlackBerry hasn’t scrimped on power for the phone as it is packing a 2.2GHz processor and 3GB RAM so it’s a powerful overall package which should give great performance.


The BlackBerry 10.3 OS will be making its debut on the Passport and this promises better battery management, more reliability and even more apps.


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The camera package is decent with a 13-megapixel snapper on the back along with a 2-megapixel lens on the front for the ever-popular selfie or video chat.


The official release event for the BlackBerry Passport was held on Wednesday in London, Dubai and Toronto simultaneously so BlackBerry is sparing no expense at getting this unique offering out there. The phone became available as soon as the event finished so users could order the phone as soon as the details were revealed, a strategy used by HTC in the past.


Whether the glitzy global release events and unique looks of the BlackBerry Passport will help put BlackBerry back on the map will remain to be seen and they need to sell some serious numbers to compete with the likes of Samsung or Apple.


BlackBerry may not have the number of fans attributed to the likes of the iPhone or the Galaxy range but there have been many who loved the original offerings with QWERTY keypads and lovers of BBM that these people may come out to support the Passport.



What do you think of the BlackBerry Passport? Would you buy it? Does BlackBerry have what it takes to really get their place back in the smartphone market? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or join the conversation on Facebook or Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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