Blackberry Dakota – First Pic and Specs

Boy Genius Reports has revealed the first picture and specs for Blackberry’s forthcoming Dakota handset. The specs -at the bottom of this page – are relatively impressive but don’t mention memory card slots or the processor.

It’s interesting that RIM are sticking with the tried and tested form factor that Blackberry fans know and love.  Apart from the Blackberry Torch slider,  all their recent phones have looked much the same.  I’m wondering why RIM haven’t been a little more adventurous with their styling and taken a few more risks.

The one-massive-touch-screen approach of Apple’s iPhone and the likes of the HTC Desire have proved immensely popular, and slide out landscape  qwerty keyboards like the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Desire Z have also found a niche and it’s surprising that Blackberry haven’t made attempts at this type of phone.

I rather like Blackberry OS, but I just cant get on with the keyboards, they are too small for me. Although I usually prefer physical keyboards those on Blackberry handsets just frustrate me.

Maybe I’m the only one, but the idea of a large fully touchscreen Blackberry is rather appealing.

Back to the Dakota, it’s hard to see what the point is.  It doesn’t differentiate it’s self from the rest of Blackberry’s line up much apart from incremental improvements in screen resolution and memory.

I guess it will appeal to existing blackberry users who are due an upgrade, but I just can’t see it luring people away from iPhones or the multitude of Android handsets that currently seem to be dominating the market.

Blackberry’s excellent email integration may well keep existing users hooked, but the pace at which the competition is innovating in other areas means that Rim really need to pull something out of the bag if they are to appeal to demographics beyond the business community.

Blackberry Dakota Specs:

5 megapixel camera with  flash and image stabilization

4GB of memory

768MB of RAM

2.8-inch 640 x 480 touch screen

WiFi  hotspot

MicroUSB port





Proximity sensor

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