BlackBerry Curve Review


Once blackberry was a fruit now it’s a brand. They are hailed the world over as one of the must have brands on the smartphone market because of their unique handsets and operating system. I however am not a huge fan of them because the interface is always more complicated than it needs to be. This review will be on the Blackberry 8520 Curve, an affordable creation from this usually quite pricy brand, and gives me an opportunity to change my normally steadfast mind.




The BlackBerry Curve handset is quite sleek in its design and with a variety of colours to choose from, RIM is catering for a wide audience. The only colour that does not look quite right is the purple which I find quite sickly to look at. The edge of the handset is made of rubber which gives it a safe and sturdy feeling. The 8520 is designed with an exposed version of the QWERTY keypad, which its phones are well known for, along with five larger buttons, one which is a trackpad for navigation.


User Interface


Usually I find phones quite easy to navigate as they all have very similar layouts and options. BlackBerry however, choose to be different from all the rest by creating a myriad of options for the user to alter and choose from. This is the most annoying thing that I found while accessing the user interface of the phone.


Getting to the main functions such as contacts, SMS and browser are very easy to do as they are on the display from the get go. The trackpad makes it very easy to navigate around (even around the many options). The standout feature of this phone for me would be the ability to add up to 10 email accounts and get the mail as it comes rather than having to update it constantly. The social networking applications are also excellent.


One thing that I won’t be alone in being annoyed by is the way in which the BlackBerry 8520 has its numbers set out for dialling. It is very awkward to get used to as it isn’t even in the general location as it would be on a normal keyboard. The size of the print on the buttons does not help this. However once you are used to it, I will admit it is very comfortable to use.




The phone comes stocked with a load of media features including a 2MP camera for taking pictures and video. Admittedly this is not great for users who like to use their cameras a lot, however for a camera of such low quality it really is not that bad, surprisingly. Although it has to be mentioned that there is no flash which may make any nighttime photos extra blurry.


The BlackBerry Curve also gives you the option to play music, but it places the headphone jack on the side, which makes getting it into a trouser pocket quite awkward.




The BlackBerry 8520 Curve is a reasonably priced phone for what it is. It has some great features including the QWERTY keyboard and social networking apps. However I think the bad outweighs the good at some points such as there being a lack of 3G connectivity and GPS. But for a two year old smartphone, this is quite a good one. Deals for it start from free blackberry offers on long term contracts with the cheapest being £4.42 from O2.



Mobilesplease rating: 3 out of 5





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