BlackBerry 9500 Storm Review

Briefly: The BlackBerry 9500 Storm is fully touch screen enabled with a 3.5” screen and features a lovely 3.2 Mega pixel camera.

Blackberry 9500 Storm

The BlackBerry 9500 Storm is their top phone so really needs to impress everyone otherwise it could just dwindle away into such a competitive market, which also hosts Apples ground breaking Iphone, the Sony Ericsson C905 and Samsungs Tocco.

What really impresses on first look is the massive 3.25” screen which has a resolution of 480×360 which is great for full web browsing which is supplied by the super fast 3G connection and helped along by the Blackberry’s HSPDA technology, and of course the email which Blackberry have always been so good at is still very present on the 9500 Storm even Web based email such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and of course Outlook.

Since the rise of the social network site an official application has been designed by Research In Motion (RIM) the manufactures of Blackberry, allowing you to fully browse on your Blackberry, so you’re never going to be out of contact with your friends even if you don’t have their mobile phone number.

Being able to open such attachments as JPEG, PDF, Word and excel files, the Blackberry 9500 really is a mobile office and with such a high quality 3.2” 65,000 colour touch screen you don’t sacrifice on any quality.

Ok the 9500 storm only has a 3.2 Mega pixel camera but compared to older Blackberry 8120 Pearl that only has a 2 Mega pixel camera this is a major improvement, at least the 8120 Pearl did have a flash which still is a luxury item on a mobile phone today.
Compared to that of the Apple IPhone which only has a 2 Mega pixel camera with no zoom function. The 9500 Storm still has the great auto flash and auto focus but the 2x digital zoom is a little on the low side but as we know digital zoom isn’t great but some zoom on a mobile phone camera is better than none.

Worried about music compatibility then worry not, as the 9500 Storm will synchronize with Apples ITunes and offers Full Bluetooth v2 support including wireless stereo headphones and is compatible with major audio files such as MP3,WMA and AAC.
Since your ITunes might fill more than the phones memory which is 1GB, again worry not since the phone is able to take a 16GB MicroSD card allowing you storage for at least another 4000 audio files, surely that’s enough mobile music and more storage than you should need.

Blackberry Maps is another great feature that the 9500 Storm has to offer, if you have never used or seen Blackberry Maps in action it’s basically a portable Satnav much like a TomTom. The Blackberry 9500 will update itself using its built in GPS and will track and pinpoint your location.

Quick Features:
Upto 16GB Storage
3.25” 65,00 Colour Touch Screen
ITunes Compatible
Mobile Internet
3.2 Mega pixel camera

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