Blackberry 8820 review.

Briefly: At last RIM have added Wi-Fi to a blackberry handset, the 8820 is a smart phone with powerful capabilities & a sleek style.

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RIM have had a busy year with the launch of many new models including the Storm,Curve & Pearl but the 8820 is still one of our favourites. With excellent features including email,built in GPS & maps it is the most stylish way to get things done. The ultimate in mobile for business users the 8820 is pretty similar to the 8800 design wise but with the main change being the convenience of Wi-Fi.

As this is primarily business phone the isnt a camera on this handset but the business features make up for it . With a 2.5 inch 320 X 240 pixel screen it isn’t the lightest handset available at 134g but with so many applications it beats carrying a laptop around. Like most Blackberry handsets it is navigated using a trackball and QWERTY keyboard which means it is very simple & quick to control.

The Wifi support will make a big difference to business users & makes it really simple to connect plus you will notice a big difference in the page loading speeds compared to GPRS. The email client alike to many other RIM models is really easy to use and you can pick up emails from up to ten accounts so its great for keeping in touch.

Although it is a business phone it does have a music player for when you want to relax which synchronizes with supplied software from Roxio allowing you to drop music,photos and videos onto this device.

What does the Blackberry 8820 have to offer?

  • Wifi for fast internet anywhere
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Built in GPS
  • 2.5 inch clear display

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Do business in style with the Blackberry 8820!

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