Best Widgets: Just for fun


There is a world of apps available on the Google Play store, but did you know there are widgets too? These tools range from fun to useful features that update automatically giving you a range of information without the need to launch the app associated to it. Here I take a look at the best widgets that are just for fun!




androidpet exercise


The DroidPet widget lets you take care of a virtual pet with everything from feeding, exercising and giving attention. The widget comes with a set of options that are free of charge with alternatives available to purchase.

androidpet care

You simply select the type of pet you want, choose a background colour for your widget and off you go. You will get audio cues if you pet needs you, these can be switched off if you prefer. Feed and fuss your virtual cat to keep him happy and you can bathe, exercise and educate him too. There is a built in mini game to allow you to earn coins to buy extras for your pet and the more coins you earn the more you can add to the widget. If you are unable to have a pet at home or you want something fun and easy to do on your smartphone then adopt an DroidPet today!


androidpet stats


Interesting Facts


interesting facts widget


This widget is perfect if you love to learn random facts or you want some funny and interesting facts to help get conversation flowing. With tidbits of information ranging from nature to politics and biology to the natural world this widget will educate and inform you on a range of subjects. If you are a fountain of knowledge yourself you can even submit your very own fact to be added to the widget and shared with the world.


Days Left


days left


Do you have a special occasion coming up? The Days Left widget allows you to put a countdown onto your smartphone screen for an upcoming event or holiday. Select the colour, size and theme of the widget and simply place it on the screen of your choice to countdown to your holiday or special event.


Today in History


today in history


Wow your friends with your world history knowledge with this widget. Choose from a small, large or card stack style widget and you will get a variety of facts informing you what happened on today’s date in the past. A whole host of world history facts are at your fingertips with this widget and as they update daily you will never be short of something to learn.


Lightsaber Battery Widget




If you are a Star Wars fan or not this little widget is a fun app for seeing your battery status in a unique way. Whenever you power up your phone or plug it in to charge you will hear the iconic lightsaber noise and you will see on your screen the power left in your battery in a graphical representation of a lightsaber with a percentage too. Choose from either Luke Skywalkers lightsaber or head to the dark side with Darth Vaders.


There are plenty of widgets out there to keep you informed or for useful features but if you are looking for a bit of fun then download these top fun widgets.


Do you use any of these widgets? Which have you enjoyed the most or what widgets do you find you use most? Tell us your widget preferences by commenting below or join us on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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