Best Phones for Builders

Working in some of the toughest environments means that a builder and his phone have to withstand some pretty harsh extremes. Dusty environments, loud machinery, water and electricity all have to be endured and although today’s best smartphones have the latest must have features many models could not cope with building site conditions.


Enter the tough phone! Rugged handsets have been around for a while now, offering site workers and builders a handset that will keep working through the rough, tough conditions. In the past having a ruggedised handset meant compromising on features but with advances in mobile technology tough handsets are no longer the featureless brick like phones they once were.


Below we have listed the top phones for builders


JCB Pro-Talk TP851

JCB is a well-known name on a building site and the makers of some of the toughest site machinery have put their hands to making a mobile phone. The handset casing is IP67 certified dustproof and waterproof and is also built to military specifications so this handset is super-tough.


The handy dual-SIM feature allows you to separate calls, say one SIM for work and one for personal calls so managing costs is easy. Features-wise the phone is quad-band and includes GPRS, Bluetooth and a touchscreen display whilst GPS is on hand for navigation and direction assistance.

There is a 2-megapixel camera on board so you can take pictures of how the job is progressing and send them to the client or site manager. There are a number of JCB phones out there but a really handy feature of the Pro-Talk TP851 is the 2-way 8 channel radio that allows you to keep in touch with other work mates on site.


Samsung B2710

The Samsung B2710 is a great example of a tough handset that doesn’t compromise on features, this rugged handset is IP67 certified against dust and water and the case itself is made from super tough urethane. 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and Infrared provide plenty of connection options and GPS with Google Maps is a handy tool for planning routes between jobs.

Email and instant messaging are supported so keeping up with emails from clients or colleagues can be done on the job and when work is done social network integration and a multimedia player provide plenty of entertainment. Other features include a digital compass, altimeter and a 2-megapixel camera with video record.


Motorola Defy+ JCB

Motorola has produced some great tough phones in the past and this latest update to the Defy sees the manufacturer team up with JCB to produce the special edition Defy+ JCB. This rugged handset has all the features you would expect from a good smartphone so tough doesn’t mean you can’t get the best features too.

The 3.7-inch touchscreen is protected by tough Gorilla Glass and the phone is IP67 certified making it dust and water resistant. 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi give the handset the full deck of connectivity options and Android 2.3 is on board so you can add new apps to suit you.

The camera has a resolution of 5-megapixels and the included JCB app has a toolkit of handy apps such as a spirit level, Therodolite and a DIY store locator to find local building supplies.



These handsets can withstand harsh conditions making them ideal for builders working on site and with handy features like built-in radios, site apps and GPS these are a great addition to any tool belt. So if you are a builder or work in tough environments these rugged phones will keep soldiering on through to help you get the job done.


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