Best of smart phones

2008 was definiitely the year of the smartphone with every manufacturer releasing one from the Nokia N96 to the phenomenal Google G1.

Whether you use the device to access social networking sites such as Facebook & My Space or watch live TV the smartphone has become the latest must have. We thought we would guide you through the best smartphones available and what you can gain from each one….we know they can pretty confusing.

Nokia N96

The dual opening smart phone from the experts at Nokia was the most anticipated phone of 2008  since the Nokia N95 including a 5 mega pixel camera, BBC iplayer & GPS navigation. If you’re looking for entertainment the N96 is for you with a 2.8 display & a fantastic sound system. Plus with 16 GB of onboard memory there is plenty of room for all your images and music.

Google G1

The google android g1 which has been launched on the google platform is what everyone in the mobilesplease office was excited about. We even offered to give one away in our competition and you can pre-order the phone now. Set to revolutionise the web browsing world the G1 which is available in sleek black and cool white comes with full QWERTY keyboard, touch sensitive screen and a trackball makes it very simple to navigate the amazing features on this handset.

Blackerry 8120 Pink

Perfect for women on the go the Blackberry is a small and stylish handset and is a business orientated handset with a full QWERTY keyboard, trackball and 2 mega pixel camera. It also comes equipped with Wi-FI which is essential for business users now a days. It also has some pretty fantastic entertainment features allowing you to switch off from your business life and enjoy relaxing.

What will come of smartphones in 2009? We can see bigger, better models possibly a Google G2?

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