Best Mobile Phones for Photography


The smartphone is fast becoming an essential part of everyday life after having replaced many individual items all incorporated within its clever little chassis. If you love photography which phone should you choose? Here we take a look at some of the best smartphones for photography.


HTC One M8


HTC one m8 camera quality


The original HTC One was a pioneer when it arrived with the advent of the Ultrapixel lens and more editing options than you can share a stick at. The HTC One M8 continues with the Ultrapixel lens and uses a Duo Camera system to create impressive images.


The camera can capture multiple shots in quick succession which then allows you to take the best bits from multiple photos to create a fantastic shot. You can also remove unwanted objects from the image or blue the foreground or background for a unique image.


Sony Xperia Z3


z3 white angle


The camera on board the Sony Xperia Z3 is packing 20.7-megapixels so you can capture great photos and zoom in and around the photo without losing detail. The camera includes many of the technologies Sony uses on its own digital compact cameras so you get lots of great photography tools for capturing those special moments.


The camera also captures 4k video, so if you have upgraded to a 4k TV you can enjoy your videos captured on your mobile in fantastic quality on your TV. The phone is also waterproof so you can capture amazing underwater shots too.


Nokia Lumia 735


lumia 735 selfie camera

This phone has been dubbed the Selfie smartphone thanks to the enhanced front facing camera designed to give you the best results when taking a selfie. The wide angle 5-megapixel lens captures more light and detail for great photo results. The rear facing camera has a resolution of 6.7-megapixels and includes Carl Zeiss optics and an LED flash along with the Nokia Camera app for a multitude of editing options and shooting effects.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


s4 zoom camera lens


The S4 Zoom combines all the best Android features with a fully functioning Samsung digital camera giving you two devices in one. The 16-megapixel camera includes 10x Optical zoom giving you much better clarity for capturing far away objects and Optical Image Stabilisation for less blur.


The Smart Mode will adjust the camera settings according to conditions automatically creating the best shot possible and the many editing options allow you to add filters or effects for a unique or fun finish to the image.



These are just some of our favourite handsets for taking photos and of course there are many more that could arguably in this list. Which phone do you think is the best for photography? Which manufacturer do you think makes the best smartphone cameras? Share your thoughts by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+.



Written by: Carmel Brown

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