Best Christmas Gifts: Smartphone and Tablet Accessories


The Christmas holidays are coming up fast and if you are looking for unique and interesting gifts that will be a hit this season a smartphone or tablet accessory is a good choice.


Here we take a look at some of the fun and unique gifts you can buy for the gadget loving family member or friend.


Smartphone Projector


smartphone projector


This fantastic little accessory turns your smartphone into a projector so you can share your photos and videos with everyone. If you love to show off your images, selfies and videos then this is the accessory for you. Simply place your Android or IOS smartphone into the projector and the lens will reflect the images onto a wall.


Wooden iPad Stand


ipad stand


The perfect accessory for any desk these oak stands will hold an iPad, iPod or iPhone and as the stand will take the charging lead in the base you can keep the device in place for charging. These fun stands can be personalised with a message or name of your choice and these stands are perfect for keeping a loved ones desk organised and tidy.


Leather Touch Screen Gloves


leather touchscreen gloves

These leather gloves will add a touch of luxury when using your mobile phone in Winter. Made from premium leather with a fleece lining and 100% cashmere wool cuffs these gloves will keep hands toasty warm when using a smartphone outside in the colder months. The UniqueTouchtec leather fronts are made for smartphone use so you can text, call and message with the gloves on.


Amplifier for Smartphones


Smartphone amplifier


This amplifier uses no wiring or mechanical devices, it is simply a 12″ vinyl LP that has been shaped to enhance the loudspeaker on your smartphone. The shape of the object projects the sound from your phone when it is placed in the right spot. This is a fun use of a retro LP making it useful for todays smartphone user – and it looks good too!


Smartstick Portable Charger


Smartphone Portable charger


This small and compact portable charge will help you avoid running out of power on your smartphone. Designed to work with virtually any small mobile device this portable charger will give you a boost of power when you need it.


Bluetooth Keyboard with Powerbank


bluetooth smartphone keyboard


Do you know someone who gets frustrated trying to use the on screen keyboard on their smartphone? Then this is the gift for them! The keyboard connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has its own battery so it won’t drain extra power from your phone. It can also charge your smartphone too, so you can top up the phone battery as you type.
These gifts are perfect for Christmas as they are fun and useful so if you are struggling to find the right gift for someone these are great for anyone!


These mobile and tablet accessories can be found on and where you can also find a whole host of other accessories and gadgets.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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