Best Apps for Food Lovers

The smartphone has replaced so many functions in our daily lives it is now impossible to imagine life without one and the phone is not just your watch, alarm clock and general dogsbody it can also be your recipe book and gateway to delicious food. Snipping recipes from magazines or browsing through cookbooks is old hat these days and here we take a look at the best apps for food lovers.


Cookpad recipe app

cookpad recipes


While foodies will love to see the latest creations coming from your kitchen all your mates on Twitter or Facebook may be growing tried of all your food photos on your timeline. Enter Cookpad! This social network is made for lovers of all things culinary and is packed to the brim with snaps of every conceivable dish. Share your favourite recipes and other users can enjoy them too and leave comments about them. There is a section for tips and ideas to help you perfect your kitchen skills and there are competitions too.




This food app is free to download on Google Play, iTunes and the Windows App Store so dive right in and get some delicious inspiration for your next meal.




yummly recipe app


top food app yummly


This recipe app is packed with ideas for your next dinner and includes pictures and recipes from around the web to get your taste buds tingling. You can search by ingredient to discover what you can make from what you have in your cupboards and you can create recipe boxes for all of your favourites. The app will also help you build a shopping list based on your selected recipes to ensure you don’t forget any of the ingredients on your next trip to the supermarket.


Kitchen Stories – Video Cookbook app

kitchen stories cooking app


This free app is your video cookbook giving you new recipes to try each week complete with how to videos and easy to follow instructions. The recipes include wine pairings so you can find the tipple to serve with the dish and you can download a shopping list for each recipe you choose.


video recipes app


The is an Apple app so you can add it to your iPad and watch the dish being created as you work along with it step-by-step.


OpenTable App

opentable restaurant app



restaurant booking app


For those days when you really just don’t feel like cooking and want to head out to a restaurant the OpenTable app is on hand to make reservations quick and simple. The app has over 32,000 restaurants listed worldwide and you can filter the search in numerous ways to find the perfect place. Search by cuisine, party size and price and you will find a list of suggestions in your locale (or where you are heading to) and book the table through the app.


Vivino – Wine App


vinio logo


The Vivino wine app is the wine connoisseur in your pocket offering help choosing wine when in a restaurant or at the supermarket. When out shopping you can take a snap of the wine label and get all the information about the bottle including food pairings and user reviews.




When in a restaurant you can take a photo of the wine list and see ratings and reviews of the bottles listed and you can see where the wine is sold locally to you so you can enjoy a tipple at home too. The app will help you remember your favourite wines and the ones you liked the least and it will give you a personal taste profile determined by your choices.


These are just some of the fantastic foodie apps out there and if you have a favourite app that isn’t listed let us know by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+ to let everyone else in on the best apps for foodies. Have you used any of the apps listed above? What did you think of them?


Written by: Carmel Brown

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