Best Apps for Amazing Dreams

The past few months a seemingly new craze has risen as a result of the insomnia sufferers and restless sleepers among us. That is of course the craze of getting the perfect night’s sleep. There have been whole societies since the dawn of man that would be dumbfounded by the preoccupation we now have with getting those eight to nine hours of sleep that are recommended. In this age where the right app is life or death, finding the one that will not only help you sleep but give you amazing dreams is like a golden goose. With that in mind this article will list and rate the top three apps for some amazing dreams.


The most publicised of the three apps featured; Dream:ON is an app which claims to be able to induce and measure sleep. Professor Richard Wiseman one of the British scientists behind it, wanted thousands to try the experimental app. The app when placed next to you when asleep, measures REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is the point memorable dreams occur. At this point it plays “pre-selected” sounds to influence your dreams to be calm/ peaceful. When you finish dreaming it gently wakes you before asking you to record your dream.

After using the app it’s not really certain whether it influenced dreams or not. But as the app is free it is worth the shot if you are a restless sleeper.

Mobilesplease Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



Relax Dream

This app is also a free app which claims to be able to influence your dreams and more. According to the description it does a number of things and is even “Doctor’s #1 recommendation for mental illness treatment!”. This might be a bit too much for anyone to believe but the main purpose of the app is likely to have some substance to it. With over 15 hours of relaxation sounds it is sure to have something that will relax a person. However it is a trial and error app which may mean the user having to suffer through sounds from nature that they may hate/fear meaning terrible nightmares.

Mobilesplease Rating: 3 out of 5 stars




From Japan this free iPhone application is a homage to the 90’s self-help craze. The app works using the same principles as in the 90’s of influencing dreams to play out different scenario’s, and combines it with the sensors that come with smartphone technology so it can identify REM sleep and the best time to influence people. The app also has an additional feature that encourages users to share their dreams via social media. In comparison to the other two apps is by far the best.

Mobilesplease Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Around the World in 80 Scams scores 4 out of 5




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