BBM Update gives BBM Voice to iPhone and Android Users


BlackBerry took the unconventional move of releasing their BBM system as an app available on the iStore and Google Play last year. As this was one of the unique selling points of BlackBerry phones it was seen as a surprising move, I know many people who had one of the top Android and Apple smartphones as well as a BlackBerry phone to be able to use the service.


BlackBerry has now updated the app with the latest version being released to both Android and iOS users, giving the extra features of the service including BBM Voice and BBM Channels to everyone.

BBM Voice


BBM voice


BBM Voice allows you to call your BBM contacts for free over Wi-Fi, so when you have been sending instant messages and want to chat over the phone you can now do so for free. You can see if your BBM pals are ready to chat as the BBM Voice icon will appear green next to their name and if you receive a BBM call when you don’t want to speak you can send a BBM message instead.

BBM Channels


Features of BBM channels



The BBM Channels is a social platform where you can share pictures, post messages and chat with your subscribers. You can choose brands and companies that interest you and follow their channels and interact with their posts. Your followers can comment on your posts and you have a handy setting which allows you to automatically allow comments or choose to approve them before they get added to your channel.


The update has also added Dropbox functionality so you can share files via BBM too.


BlackBerry has been falling behind in the smartphones sales stakes for some years now and releasing the BBM app to other smartphone users may not be the best way to keep BlackBerry phones in the hands of users, however the manufacturer still continues its presence in the market with the physical QWERTY design and BlackBerry phone remaining the only choice among loyal BBM fans. The BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 are still selling and it looks like a more powerful BlackBerry handset could be on the horizon too.


Have you swapped your BlackBerry for an Android of Apple handset since the app became available? Do you still love your BlackBerry phone? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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