Battery Boost

Scientists at Northwestern University in America have been working on improving the performance of Lithium Ion batteries and it looks like their recent adaptation will improve battery life by up to 10 times, reports the BBC. The new technique involves putting millions of tiny holes into the battery and units built this way will charge ten times faster and provide a battery life ten times longer than current batteries.


By altering the materials that the batteries are made of, such as replacing silicon sheets with tiny clusters of material has increased the amount of lithium ions the battery can hold giving it such an extended life. The impressive stats of these next-gen batteries will see flat batteries going to fully charged in just 15 minutes and giving enough juice to run your phone for a week.

 There is a downside to the new battery which is that the gains fall off sharply with performance being halved after just 150 charges. Even after this drop-off the new battery will still be 5 times more efficient than current offerings and it is anticipated that these will become available within 5 years. These new developments have come from just concentrating on one aspect of the battery and these US scientists are exploring other areas for improvement.

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