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bad credit mobile deals


The latest mobile phone deals and top mobile phones don’t have to be out of reach if you have a poor credit rating or have failed a credit check. There are many reasons why people may have a less than desireable credit score and thanks to a range of bad credit mobile phone deals everyone can still have access to top mobile phones.


Bad Credit Mobiles


There are a few options available to you if you find yourself with a bad credit score and you have your eye on that smartphone you have always wanted. The main networks will more than likely ask for a deposit if you choose one of their deals, this can be decreased if you choose a lower line rental plan and cheaper phone therefore giving less risk to your mobile phone provider.


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When you sign up to a mobile phone deal you are essentially buying your handset over the contract period as the network subsidises the initial cost of the phone against the monthly rental payments they will receive from you over the term of the agreement. In essence you are signing a credit agreement which is why a credit check is needed, if you opt for a cheaper handset and rental there is less of a risk to your provider and so should you need to pay a deposit then it will be reduced by going for this option. After this contract has run its course you will have a payment history with your network and they will be more likely to offer you a better handset next time.

What Phone can I get with bad credit?


Depending on your budget you can choose from any of the latest smartphones on the market by either paying a deposit to your chosen network or for opting for a SIM free handset with SIM only deal. With a SIM free phone you simply pay for the full value of the phone up front and then purchase a SIM from the network connected to a plan of your choice.


sim only deals for bad credit


This option can be expensive so it may not suit your budget and it may be a more affordable option to try and pass the credit check with the network in the hope of paying a deposit for the phone rather than the full cost.


No credit check mobile deals


There are many reasons why you may have bad credit or may have failed a credit check but this doesn’t mean you have to lose out on getting the mobile phone you want. With the credit check criteria of many networks becoming more strict meaning an increase in failed credit checks a no credit check mobile deal is the perfect solution.


The Shebang network offer a range of mobile phones with various types of monthly plans without the need to go through a credit check. SIM free handsets and SIM only deals are available from Shebang too so you are bound to find an option to suit you. The rolling monthly deals allow you to get a no credit check mobile phone and the 12 month plans even offer a guaranteed upgrade after 6 months.


This no credit check option will also help improve your credit score over time as you become a proven reliable customer paying your bills each month which could then lead to you later passing a credit check with another network.


Having bad credit happens to many people for many reasons but as I have highlighted above this doesn’t mean you can’t have the smartphone you want.


Do you have bad credit? Have you struggled to pass a credit check with a mobile network? Would you opt for a no credit check deal? Share you story below or join the conversation on Google+

Written by: Carmel Brown

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