Awesome Nokia Concept Phones

Nokia’s blog featured a handful of concept phones earlier this week, and if even a couple of them make it to market I will be well pleased.

The pick of the bunch is the Kinetic – pictured – when the phone rings a weight in the lower part of the base shifts causing the phone to sit up. Want to reject the call? Just push the phone down again.

The N82 Dragonfly concept is about looks, and it really is pretty. There are no firm specs but it looks to have a large screen and simple numeric keypad. The idea of this phone is to deliver something stylish and innovative at a modest price.

You can see the rest of the concepts, including a recycled phone and a bizzare origami looking contraption over at Nokia’s Blog.

These are cool concepts, and I really hope they signal a return to form by Nokia.

Nokia always had a knack of making innovative, solidly built hardware, perhaps the decision to run with Windows Phone has freed up the resources to get back to what they do best?

Given that Nokia will be one of several companies making Windows Phone handsets, the only ways they have to differentiate are price and to produce innovative hardware.

Nokia dominated the low price handset market for a very long time, it’s only in recent years that the likes of Samsung and newcomers like ZTE have started to gain a foothold at the lower end of the market. If Nokia can produce Windows Phone handsets at a competitive price then they may be able to give the slew of budget Android phones a run for their money.

But it’s at the top end of the market that Nokia could really shine again. We know they can make great hardware, these concept phones show that they can come up with genuinely creative ideas, the decider is likely to be whether or not Windows Phone can tempt consumers and developers away from iOS and Android.

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