ASUS Padfone Tablet/Smartphone Combo Coming in 2012

The ASUS Padfone looks to be coming our way in 2012, this transforming smartphone has popped up on the radar before and then everything went quiet. Now it has appeared again and it looks like a chip upgrade has happened since it last featured on the rumour mill.


The latest speculation is that the Padfone will feature the Tegra 3 quad-core processor giving it some extra oomph in the power department. The Asus Padfone caused quite a stir when it first came to light as this new design sees the phone slot into a larger screen transforming the phone into a tablet – giving you the best of both worlds in one device.


The transforming devices from Asus have become popular with the Transformer tablet doing well and the latest Transformer Prime looks to be a popular addition to Christmas wish lists. So will the Padfone have the same success?


The launch pad for the phone looks to be the MWC next year and with so many great devices rumoured for the same event will the ASUS Padfone make its mark? Does this device truly make the leap from smartphone to tablet or do you think it’s simply a gimmicky gadget?


To see how it handles the transition we will have to wait until its launch but we think this could be one to watch.

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