Apprentice Apps Reviewed

If you saw The Apprentice this week and you haven’t yet got Slangatang or Ampi App then this review is for you. Here’s an in depth analysis of both apps to help you choose:

They are both rubbish. The end.

No seriously, that’s all there is to say.

This challenge provided ample opportunity for the contestants to expose themselves as the deluded, narcissistic borderline sociopaths  that they usually are, but it wasn’t really a very fair representation of app development.

The teams had 24 hours, no technical know how and as is often the case in the early days of the show, too many people for the job.

Of course, it could have been coincidence that both teams made a simple soundboard, but in fairness to them there’s not really much more that can be done with no experience in one day. My guess is that both teams were given a couple of template apps and told to fill in the blanks.

There is one crucial lesson to be learnt here; even truly dreadful apps can quickly rack up thousands of downloads. It really doesn’t seem to matter how earth shatteringly bad an app is, people will still download it. So next time you see a headline saying that one app store or another has more apps or that a particular app has had a certain number of downloads, just remember that quantity in no way guarantees quality.

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