Apple Watch review

Scheduled for release on April 24th, our Apple Watch review reveals the many faces and applications of what will be a classic timepiece with functionality never seen before.


The Apple Watch timepiece


The water resistant Apple Watch is an intelligent timepiece that keeps times to 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time and it ensures that every Apple Watch is in perfect sync across the world.


Its connected intelligence automatically adjusts the time to cater for British Summer Time or it does the same automatically when you cross a time border. Your own individuality can be expressed with customisable clock faces with colour, minute, second and millisecond display choices.


Clock face examples include Chronograph, Modular, Colour, Utility, Simple, Mickey Mouse, Motion, Astronomy and Solar. The watch face can also be set to show an alarm, the moon phase, calendar, stocks, weather, activity, world clock and sunrise/sunset information.


Apple Watch features


The Apple Watch features many functions which include the Activity App, but first let’s explore the other features.


Apple Watch features


When a large screen isn’t needed the Apple Watch comes into its own as a communication device which negates the need for a smartphone to be taken out of a pocket or bag. When an incoming messages is received you will feel a gentle tap on your wrist and from here you can do several things.


You can lift your arm to read the message or drop your arm to dismiss it. You can reply to friends with a tap so that they know you are thinking of them or create a sketch with your finger with your friends seeing an animation of your drawing. It is also possible to send your heartbeat recorded by pressing two fingers on the screen. Your voice can be used to dictate text and customisable animated emoji’s can be used as well.


Calls may be answered using the built in speaker and microphone or seamlessly transfer them to your iPhone. If needed you can also cover the watch with your hand to mute incoming calls.


The people you stay in touch with most appear as thumbnails when you press the side button making it really easy to get in touch with those who mean the most.




The Watch and paired iPhone remain in perfect sync so you can carry on writing an email right from where you left off if you choose to change the device you are using. The Apple Watch is connected to your calendar and contacts giving you intelligent alerts on for example when to leave to get to your next appointment. The Apple Watch considers your route and the current traffic conditions to calculate the time you will need to arrive on time.




To see the things important to you such as meetings, stock prices, maps to destinations or meetings simply make a swipe on the watch face and at any time you can share your location.


Apple Watch Activity App


The Activity App is the standout smartwatch features and monitors everything you do from walking up stairs to playing with the kids or walking the dog. Three visual rings fill the watch face and easily show you your days activity split into brisk activity, how many active calories you have burned and how long you have been active on your feet with a goal to fill all rings each day.


Activity App


The Activity App suggest personalised activity goals which are generated based upon your previous activity and fitness levels.


As an advanced sports watch real-time stats such as elapsed time, calories, distance, pace and speed are reported and progress updates are given during your workouts. A workout summary is then generated and you can view your daily activity reports at a glance over long periods of time by day, week or month.


Calories burnt


The Activity App also features:


  • A stopwatch that can be switched between analogue, digital or a hybrid of both.
  • A visual timer that appears as an orange line circulating around the face.
  • A Heart Rate Sensor for improved accuracy of calories burnt.
  • Wi-Fi and GPS for accurately measuring distance and speed.
  • An accelerometer that measures total body movement and steps.
  • Customisable coaching reminders with movable goals.


Sports watch


All of the information that the Activity App collates can be shared with your iPhone and badges of achievement are received and stored on your iPhone when you achieve personal bests or reach certain landmarks.


Apple Watch verdict


The Apple Watch seems extremely complete and the Activity App far extends beyond anything you could describe as standard. The Apple Watch will be a success simply by its association and paring with the iPhone so expect to see a lot more people wearing watches this summer!


Written by: Michael Brown

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