Apple Watch Goes on Sale



The Apple Watch has been the subject of much speculation with Apple fans waiting impatiently for the manufacturer to release their debut watch and now the Apple Watch has finally gone on sale.


Apple Watch model range


The likelihood of you being able to get your hands on one right away is slim if you haven’t pre-ordered one as they will only be available through a limited number of Apple shops with the majority of orders being completed through the Apple website.


Apple Watch Pre-Orders


Apple watch


Apple launched pre-orders for the watch earlier this month with a successful take-up and anyone placing an order now will have a wait on their hands. The pre-order date is currently looking at a June fulfillment so if you place a pre-order you can expect to wait around a month before you actually receive your Apple Watch.


Those savvy enough to have placed orders while the Watch was still in stock will have received their products yesterday and Apple has stated that shipping dates are constantly being updated as they manufacture more to meet demand.


Apple Watch in Store


Apple has chosen to only offer the Watch through a limited number of stores so even though you will be able to see it in your local Apple Store you won’t be able to buy it there.


Apple Watch Edition


Very limited stock has been sent out to six fashion boutiques, one based in London, which should see the end of the huge queues usually present outside the Apple stores at a product launch. The Dover Street Market in Mayfair is the UK stockist and if you want to head there to buy one you will need to make an appointment.


This system is being run in similar stores around the world with stocks rumoured to be only around 500 units per model and it is already being reported that the higher-end Apple Watch Edition is sold out in London already.


Apple Watch Review


Apple fans have all been eager to get their hands on the watch to put it through its paces and early reviews from those luck enough to have actually got one seem to be a mixed bag.


Apple watch sport


The build and style of the Apple Watch has been praised although it appears to fall short with users complaining of short battery time and lagging, slow loading performance.


However negative the initial response may be the Apple Watch is still expected to be a huge hit with anticipated sales expected to reach a whopping 40 million.
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Written by: Carmel Brown

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