Apple to Change the iPhone Power Connector?

Screen shot of new iPhone connector

Screenshot of new iPhone power connector. Courtesy of TECHCRUNCH

A story by TECHCRUNCH has reportedly been verified, which suggests that the iPhone 5 will have a new connection port. Instead of the existing 30 pin-point, Apple is downsizing to a 19 pin connector, which will be a similar size to the MacBook chargers.


It looks as though this is largely driven by Apple’s focus on saving space. With rumours suggesting the new iPhone will be slimmer in design, yet retaining the existing dimensions that incorporate a 3.5-inch screen, reducing the size of the port is a must.


This is likely to be a major talking point when the iPhone is released as it renders existing accessories redundant. Any portable charger, dock or speakers will not be compatible with the new handset and will require owners to upgrade their suite of accessories.


It is unlikely, however, that this will put people off buying and owning what is becoming the most anticipated iPhone in its short history. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X capturing many admirers, and healthy sales, the pressure has been heaped on Apple to produce something special. Confirmation about the iPhone 5 launch, or indeed its name, are still shrouded in the usual Apple secrecy, however the smart money is for an announcement to be made in September or October, 12 months after the 4S was released.


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