Apple Sue Motorola Over Patents. Again.

Apple has filed 2 lawsuits against Motorola claiming that Moto has infringed 6 of it’s patents.

The move comes less than a month after Motorola made a pre-emptive strike to protect it from such lawsuits  but filing for a declaratory judgement action against Apple on October 6th.

The patents that Apple are claiming have been infringed are all to do with the use of touch screens, not the screens themselves but the way that software uses them, specifically multitouch.

Whether or not the patents were infringed is up to the courts, but it’s clear that Apple are aggressively going after Motorola’s android based offerings. And they’re not the only ones, Microsoft are attempting to leverage royalty payments from Asus and Acer for their Android devices.

Apple and MS both seem to have a bee in their respective bonnets about Android and it’s not hard to see why, Android’s market share has rocketed in the last year and it threatens both companies’ business models. In Apple’s case it provides a credible alternative to the Iphone, and it’s occupying the space in the market that MS desperately needs if WinPho 7 is to succeed.

Microsoft are clearly struggling to adapt to the times, it’s model of charging for an OS on a PC is under threat from increasingly polished, free, open source alternatives and an array of devices for which the OS is less important than the online services they connect to.  And in the growing mobile arena in particular MS have been well and truly sucker punched by Google, by producing a credible, arguably better, product than previous incarnations of Windows Phone and giving it away free to anyone who wants it Google have pulled the rug out from under MS in a big way.

Apple’s greiviance  with Android is slightly different, their model on both computers and phones has been to sell an exclusive, proprietary,  complete harware/software package. Their success has been substantial and in no small part down to their software which even the most anti Mac people will grudgingly admit is very polished and user friendly. Apple spent a fortune developing IOS and Google come along and give something very similar to all their competitors for free, no wonder they’re not happy.

Now it’s entirely possible that MS and Apple are both genuinely aggrieved over legitimate patent infringements, but it could be a case of the old adage “If you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em”.

It’s interesting that both companies are targeting the handset manufacturers who are using Android rather than Google.

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