Apple Reports $8.8 Billion Net Profit in Q3


It’s that time of year again when the financial figures come in and Apple has reported a $35 billion turnover in the last quarter, this isn’t as high as expected but Apple and its shareholders will be happy with the share dividend none the less.


$8.8 billion of that figure was pure profit which is $1.5 billion more than the same quarter last year making this a record Q3 for Apple.


The popularity of the iPhone family including the iPhone 4S accounts for the larger share of revenue,  pulling in $16 billion revenue and selling 26 million units.


An 84% increase in iPad sales compared to the same quarter last year sees 17 million iPads sold providing the company with $9 billion in revenue.


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said in a press release “We’re thrilled with record sales of 17 million iPads in the June quarter. ¬†We’ve also just updated the entire MacBook line, will release Mountain Lion tomorrow and will be launching iOS 6 this Fall. We are also really looking forward to the amazing new products we’ve got in the pipeline.”


The iPhone 5 is no doubt one of the “amazing products” in the pipeline and if previous success is anything to go by then Apple should see some happy shareholders at the next reporting time too.


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