Apple orders 10 Million iPad Mini Tablets – Launch expected later this month



Rumours of an iPad Mini have been rumbling around for a while and now it looks like it is more or less a certainty that a smaller version of the iPad will be coming soon.


According to reports from components supplier’s orders have been placed for over 10 million units in the fourth quarter, this shows that Apple is expecting some big numbers from the petite iPad.


The iPad Mini production is now well underway, according to reports, which means we should be seeing an official launch of the 7.85-inch tablet later this month.


With the huge following for Apple products it’s not surprising that the company are ordering big numbers of the device, however the budget tablet market is flooded with products right now so they will have to get their pricing right.


That said Apple has never classed itself as a budget brand so a small price tag may be too optimistic but with the fan base for Apple loving their offerings despite the hefty prices this may not be an issue. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 came in droves and it looks like they are expecting the new iPad Mini to follow suit.


So will you be putting the iPad Mini on your Christmas list? With so many great phones and devices coming our way which one do you want?


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