Apple is bringing Live Photo to Facebook



Apple users that purchased an iPhone 6S will be a familiar with the Live Photo feature and now it looks like you don’t have to keep them to yourself as Apple is bringing Live Photo to Facebook.


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Moving pictures


For those who are not sure what Live Photo is, it is the latest image enhancing feature from Apple that was added to the iPhone 6S. The feature captures images and sound 1.5 seconds before and after the shot is taken so you get even more of the moment.




It has been around 6 months since the feature launched and as it stands now users can share their Live Photo masterpieces over iMessage and post on Tumblr but Apple has now announced that they will expand the reach to Facebook.


But wait, not everyone gets it right away.


If you don’t have an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus you can view Live Photos on an Apple device using iOS 9 with a long press on the image to see the extra sound and images.


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Users may not get access straight away on their Facebook feed as Apple has stated the roll out will begin with small percentage of users globally followed by a more comprehensive roll out next year.


Non Apple users will see the shared images you just won’t get the movement and audio,although the latest slew of phones using pressure sensing screens will more than likely be able to get the feature in the near future.


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