Apple iPhone X review – delivers big in every way

With the announcement of the latest iPhone, Apple gave us another device to add to the family.In my Apple iPhone X review, I take a look at one of the best smartphones released last year.


Apple iPhone X design



The first thing you notice on the iPhone X is the seemingly endless display, the whole front of the device is the screen. The camera and sensors take up a small section at the top of the phone, the rest is full display right into the curved corners.


This makes the iPhone X really stand out from other devices, in a good way as you can’t help but be drawn to this beautifully crafted smartphone.


The most durable smartphone glass has been used to cover the front and back of the phone and there is a surgical-grade stainless steel frame to finish off the beautiful craftsmanship.



The phone is quite weighty at 174g, but that can be forgiven when it gives us the amazing HDR display. The Apple iPhone X is available in Space Grey or Silver.


Apple iPhone X Features


The features list is extensive for this Apple iPhone so I will stick to the highlights and stand out best bits of the iPhone X.



As already mentioned the display is incredible, this is the best screen ever seen on an Apple device. The iPhone X display is a 5.8-inch Super Retina screen with OLED and True Tone technology. This means higher brightness, true blacks and a wider colour gamut. The screen technology detects the surrounding light and adjust the white balance and screen colour for the best view in any light conditions.


The iPhone X uses Touch ID, as seen on iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus, but security is further enhanced with the new Face ID technology on board. This biometric facial recognition uses the front camera to map your face when you hold the device up, using invisible dots projected onto the face the phone will recognise you and unlock. The system is so advanced it won’t be fooled by masks or photos and is one of the most advanced security features seen on a smartphone.



The new design removes the home button from the front of the device, this now means you use screen gestures to complete the actions of the old buttons. A swipe up will get you back to the home screen and a swipe to the side will allow you to scroll through all of the open apps.


The iPhone X includes Augmented Reality, with games and apps available to download from the App Store. This new interaction overlays graphics onto your surroundings. Powered by the A11 Bionic processor and the three-core GPU unit, you can use AR to digitally redecorate your home or change your dining table into a gaming world.



A new feature on the iPhone X is the Animoji, this allows you to change yourself into an animated emoji when chatting or sending video messages. The TrueDepth camera tracks up to 50 muscles in your face to make the animation move in time with you.


The new and improved iOS 11 delivers, even more, efficiency and an enhanced user experience with Siri now able to translate.



The Apple iPhone X has an enhanced performance controller to ensure maximum battery efficiency and it is compatible with wireless charging. An Apple AirPower mat is expected to be released next year.


iPhone X camera



The camera on the back is made up of two 12-megapixel lenses, one telephoto lens with optical image stabilisation and a wide angle lens. The two lenses offer true optical zoom and as both have OIS low light photographs come out in beautiful detail.



There is a Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync, this allows the shutter speed to be slowed down for strobe photography and amazing slow-mo capture. 4K video can be captured and other photo shooting modes include Auto HDR, Burst Mode and Time-Lapse.


The front camera is a 7-megapixel TrueDepth lens with PortraitModefor proffesional looking selfies. This technology can adjust the lighting in different ways for truly beautiful portraits. Stage Light Mode will keep the background dark and add a spotlight effect to the face while Contour Light will add dramatic shadows for highlights and lowlights on your features.




The iPhone X is a truly unique device, from the full-screen look to the incredible processing power. The AR apps are bound to get better and better and the camera delivers some of the best mobile photography I have ever seen. The phone is expensive, but if budget is not a factor this is truly the best smartphone of 2017.

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