Apple iPhone 9 and iPhone X2 Plus renders give a sneak peak of the devices

The annual iPhone launch is always a big topic when it comes to rumours and speculation. The latest iPhone 9 and iPhone X2 renders give a first look at what the latest releases will deliver.


Photos of iPhone 9 and iPhone X2



The leaks come in the form of an iPhone 9 video and images that appear to give us our first look at the iPhone X2 Plus and the iPhone 9. These are renders so you need to bear in mind things could change on the actual versions. The rumours and images show that the iPhone X2 Plus will have a 6.5-inch display, or possibly a 6.3-inch one depending on how you look at the images.


The iPhone X2 Plus will sport a dual camera on the back and has the same notch in the screen that first appear on the iPhone X.




This will be one of the biggest phones ever released by Apple and it’s expected to come with a hefty price tag too. If you want something that costs less, the iPhone 9 will probably be more up your street.


iPhone 9 specifications and release date




According to the latest release, the new iPhone 9 will have a 6.1-inch display that is expected to be an LCD screen. The rear camera will be a single lens and that’s about all we can fathom from the released details so far.


The release date for the iPhone 9 and iPhone X2, along with other possible models, will be mid-September. This will follow the usual timeline for releases from Apple and there has been no news to make us expect anything different.


The models that we can expect will be the iPhone 9, the iPhone X2 (or iPhone X1 depending on which way Apple chooses to go with the names) and the iPhone X2 Plus. There are some murmurings of a possible update to the iPhone SE range, for that we will have to wait until September for confirmation.


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