Apple iPhone 6s Review

The latest iPhone release is now official and it looks like the folks at Apple have been working on giving us a few new features on the new smartphone. We take an look at what’s new and everything else you need to know in our iPhone 6s review.


iPhone 6s Design


iphone 6s design


The design of the iPhone 6s retains the same overall look however the latest phone has been made with top-grade materials which combine to make a durable phone (that should avoid any bendgate disasters of old). The case is made with an aerospace-grade aluminium and the 4.7-inch Retina display sits behind a toughened glass facade.


The iPhone 6s weighs in at 143 grams and has a slim body at just 7.1mm thick and this latest iPhone is available in the familiar space grey, silver and gold variants however a rose gold version has been added to the usual line up.


iphone 6s colours



iPhone 6s Features


The very latest iOS 9 is on board which sees Siri enhanced with even more features and better interactivity. The A9 chip is under the hood and this gives up to a 70 percent more efficient CPU performance and 90% GPU improvement. This super-efficient chip ensures the battery power can be maximised and this allows Siri to be always listening ready to help.


iphone 6s gold


The security options on the iPhone 6s have been upgraded with a new and improved Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a passcode that is 6 digits long. This added security works along with Apple Pay allowing you to pay for goods or services at various outlets using your iPhone.


touch id


One of the standout features of the new iPhone 6s is 3D Touch technology that interprets different interactions on the screen and acts accordingly. The Peek and Pop system will interpret a light press to give you a Peek at an email, message or app while a more pronounced press will Pop an app open or open a Quick Action Menu.


3d touch peek menu



The battery on board is only a 1,810mAh power pack which may seen small when compared to other smartphones out there but Apple has worked hard with the A9 chip to ensure every bit of power is used efficiently. Overall this delivers up to 11 hours of Internet usage and up to 10 days of standby time.


iPhone 6s Camera


iphone 6s camera features



The iSight 12-megapixel camera on board includes a feature called Live Photos, this captures an image just before and after you activate the shutter to take a photo and transforms the images into short animations. The camera lens captures great photos and it can record 4K video which can be edited using the iMovie app and then shared on YouTube.


The front facing 5-megapixel camera includes the option to use the display as a flash, this detects the light around you and then adjust the True Tone flash on the screen to give you a natural glowing light for your shot.


iphone 6s silver group




Apple has made some great additions to the latest iPhone 6s and if you are not a fan of a 4.7-inch display you can opt for the bigger iPhone 6s Plus. The lack of memory card slot may be a concern for some and the cost of the 128GB version may be out of your reach, however the iCloud storage should hopefully give you the space you need.


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