Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

If you are considering purchasing a flagship smartphone device then you will probably have to consider the iPhone 6 Plus. So today we take a look at the pro’s and con’s of Apple’s latest smartphone in our Apple iPhone 6 Plus review.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus design


There is nothing that is going to disappoint you in the design of the iPhone 6 Plus and once you get used to the feel of this over-sized device you will wonder why you never went big before.


The large 5.5” HD Retina display rivals the screen of any other phablet device and this is encased in an almost pure aluminium construction. There are two plastic strips at the top and bottom of the phone to allow the antenna to acquire a signal and the curved edges give the latest iPhone a new overall look.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus design


The lightening port is located at the bottom of the phone while the lock button has moved to the right hand side for easier access. The shell is only 7.1mm thick so this sleek design really is sleek.


Inside there is an A8 chipset with 1GB RAM which is a little low seeing as we have seen up to 3GB RAM on other brands. The memory issue is always contentious and yet again you must commit yourself to a memory choice at the point of purchase of up to 128GB as there is no memory card slot for expanding this at a later date.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus features


The set up process is fairly straightforward and you will be prompted during this to set up your Touch ID security. Several fingerprints can be stored and you will need to add a pass-code as a back up.


The new operating system, iOS 8, is packed with features and these include Apple Pay which can be used to make contactless payments in retail outlets and on the app store. You can use iTunes to sync your music library from your PC and the new Metal feature offers console styled gaming with rich graphics.


iOS 8 also includes the new Health and CarPlay apps which do as their titles suggest. A bigger pro however is the new QuickType keyboard that uses predictive software to help you type quicker. It is also finally possible to download third party keyboards onto the iPhone 6 Plus.


The whole Apple experience is powered by a 2915mAh battery, which once again isn’t the largest capacity battery on the market but it isn’t far off. Under mixed usage scenarios you should be able to get a full days use out of the iPhone 6 Plus and it should last longer than its smaller cousin the iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera


Some may see the 8MP iSight camera as a bit of a let down and whilst it is true that there are more powerful cameras on other phones the difference isn’t really noticeable when we are talking about 8 megapixels and above.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera


Optical Image Stabilisation ensures you get good results and video recording is possible at 1080p with time lapse and slow motion modes ready to entertain you.


On the front of the iPhone 6 Plus is a 1.2MP FaceTime camera for video calls and selfies. Again this is a lower resolution than we have seen used elsewhere and if you are selfie addicted then this is the area that may disappoint the most.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus verdict


Dedicated Apple fans will love the iPhone 6 Plus and there really isn’t much that might turnaway anyone else. Its biggest rival will probably be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so if you are not sure then this is the device to check out next.


Written by: Michael Brown

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