Apple iPhone 5 Saga

Apple has delivered some really impressive handsets over the years, that are both aesthetically and ergonomically designed, and this award winning combination has led it to become a favourite amongst smartphone users. The latest incarnation of the series, the Apple iPhone 4, saw the introduction of several distinctive features that gave the phone a boost in sales, even before stock was shelved in stores. A retina display, an updated Apple app store, a 5-mega-pixel camera and huge internal storage capacities are some of the key features that were featured on the iPhone 4. Although the iPhone has done really well, it has come with a few flaws that fuelled controversy amongst competitors of the phone. Issues such as poor reception quality, an almost outdated single core processor, exterior glass structure and no flash support are some of the imperfections found within this handset.


A recent smartphone platform survey conducted by comScore and MobiLens shows that by July 2011 Apple had 20.3% of market share, an increase of 1.2% while Google had an increase of 16.2% from 6% to an astonishing 22.3% placing them in ahead of Apple.


Apple is due to release the iPhone 5, which boasts over 200 new features and improvements with iCloud being one of the many highlights. The iPhone 5 has been speculated for release this October, and has led to many industry leaders speculating and predicting the possible features of the smartphone. A dual core A5 processor like that featured in the iPad 2 may run the iPhone 5, which will squeeze the processing speeds of tablets into the pocket-able phone, making it twice as fast as the iPhone 4. The new smartphone is expected to contain an 8-megapixel camera with an improved LED flash and enhancements to the front camera too. A bigger 3.7-inch screen with retina display and a new antenna is expected. Also be prepared for a metal casing, rather than a glass back to the new device. Apart from all these obvious improvements, the iPhone is expected to be thinner and perhaps for a change have a reasonable price tag on it compared to its predecessor.

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