Apple iOS 6 Revealed


The latest iOS 6 has finally been revealed and with tons of new features, some Apple users have been wanting for a while, and some surprises this new iOS is bound to please lovers of Apple devices.


The new iOS 6 is to be released in Autumn and will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and up, the second and third generation iPad and the fourth generation iPod.


Below are some of the highlights of the new iOS 6:


Phone App Improvements

The phone app has been improved with some nifty little features such as smart reminders that allows you to reject a call with a message such as you’re busy and then set a reminder to call the person back when you leave your current location. There is a new “Do Not Disturb” mode that will receive messages and calls silently and without lighting the screen up and you can also set it so that the phone still rings for certain callers.


Improved Mail

The iOS 6 Mail app now has pull to refresh and you can create a list of favourite people of VIP’s so that messages from these contacts will display on the locked screen and in a separate mailbox. Account signatures for each account and photo sharing has also been added to the latest Mail app.



Siri is now able to understand more questions and local search is being rolled out worldwide.


Facebook integration

With promises of “the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device” the latest iOS 6 Facebook integration bears a strong resemblance to the Twitter integration on the previous iOS. Share photos, URL’s and locations with your Facebook friends and you will be able to see App store recommendations from them too.


iOS 6 Maps

It was previously rumoured that Apple were working on a Maps app to replace Google Maps and it’s now official. The new app has turn-by-turn navigation, traffic information and can be controlled via Siri and there is a Flyover 3D view of major cities.


Other features include Passbook that is an e-ticket app for tickets for sporting events or airline tickets and it can also act as a digital loyalty card.  A Guided Access feature was also showcased that allows parts of the screen to be disabled so you can let your child play with the device without hitting any unwanted buttons. Siri was also confirmed for the iPad, but only the latest generation one so older ones will not be getting the digital assistant.


Many of the features had been rumoured for a while and as only Apple can do even those we expected worked brilliantly and still delighted attendees at the conference.


So what is your favourite new feature of the latest iOS 6? Is there anything missing that you would have wanted to see added? Let us know in the comments section below.


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