Apple iOS 10.3 update

Apple has hit the headlines over the New Year celebrations, with Tweets from industry insiders, stating that something new is on its way.


The Tweets on Twitter, suggest that iOS 10.3 will begin beta testing from the 10th January 2017. If the Tweets are correct, then iOS 10.3 will introduce iPhone and iPad users to a new feature called ‘Theatre Mode’.


Theatre Mode will be added to the operating system’s control centre, in the form of a popcorn shaped icon. Theatre Mode could be an enhanced movie player but insiders suggest that it is more likely to be a new ‘Dark Mode’.


If Theatre Mode is a new Dark Mode, then we should expect to see an enhanced user interface with a dark coloured theme. If Theatre Mode is intended for use in the theatre, then we should also expect to see a dimmed screen and muted notifications and audio. This will ensure that other theatre goers are not disturbed during the movie, should an untimely notification be delivered.


iOS update schedule


iOS 10.3 will be the tenth update to Apple’s iOS 10 operating system, which was only released four months ago. iOS 10.3 will follow the iOS 10.2.1 update, which is scheduled for release during January.


It is believed that iOS 10.2.1 will tackle the 30% bug, which has affected some Apple consumers that are using an iPhone 5 through to the iPhone 6S Plus.


Apple iOS 10 3


The iOS 10.3 rumour follows hot on the heels of another rumour, that through leaked images, suggests that there will be a Jet White iPhone release, inverting everything we have seen from the Jet Black iPhone 7.


How to become an Apple beta tester


If you have an early adopter mindset to new technology, then you may want to enlist in the Apple Beta Software Program. The Apple Beta Software Program allows iPhone users to get hold of pre-release versions of iOS 10.


When you sign up at, you can test drive Apple’s pre-release software and offer feedback through the built-in Feedback Assistant app (located on the second page of your Home screen). This will allow you to help Apple shape the future versions of its operating system.


Written by: Michael Brown

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