Apple has finally arrived at Orange!

Mobilesplease now compares all the available iPhone deals from Orange and O2! 

iPhone OrangeThe iPhone 3G S is the¬†revolutionary handset from Apple. Combining three amazing products in one, a stunning phone, a widescreen ipod and a ground breaking internet device the Apple iphone takes mobile phones to a new level. Following on from the iphone 3G, the 3G S features 3G wireless technology, maps with GPS and access to the Apple store with nearly 50,000 fantastic applications. So what’s new? The 3G S is the ‘fastest and most powerful iphone yet’ and with up to 32GB of storage and video capabilities it provides much more than previous models.

A new feature of the 3G S is Voice Control which recognises names in your contact list aswell as songs on your ipod making it easy if you have your hands full! Make calls simply by tapping the 3.5 inch touch sensitive interface, it even syncs your contacts from your laptop and visual voicemail lets you listen to your message in whichever order you like – just like your emails. The iphone uses fast 3G and Wi-fi connections to deliver fast broadband speed internet and is the most advanced web browser on a mobile phone, Google and Yahoo are even built into the browser.

Being an Apple phone the handset doubles as a multimedia machine with a widescreen ipod which allows you to enjoy all your music, videos, pod casts and audio books plus transfer files directly from your pc via itunes. Other new features on the phone include a 3 mega pixel camera with built in auto focus, a compass, world wide weather updates and cut, copy and paste abilities.

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